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Time on Cybertron: the musical

Here’s where all things Time on Cybertron will live.  Literally everything.  All material, source or other wise will be posted/updated on this page until we finish the project.

Synopsis:  Time on Cybertron is a rock opera that takes place on Cybertron, the birthplace of all Transformers, Autobot, Decepticon, or otherwise.  Two humans, Carly and Spike are on a mission to save the Autobots from a lack of Cybertronium, the element that gives all Transformers their power.  The Autobots are helpless back on Earth where they crash landed ages ago, except the Dinobots, who have traveled accidentally to Cybertron via a space bridge.   Carly and Spike have to travel through the Decepticon space bridge to seek out the Dinobots and bring back some Cybertronium to help the Autobots.  While on Cybertron they first encounter Shockwave, the Decepticon sentinel, and the adventure ensues.  Along their way Carly and Spike learn of Cybertron’s past, ponder their love of each other, and meet up with Dinobot Swoop who aides them in their quest.

The source material episodes:

35 19 Desertion of the Dinobots (Part 1)
The Dinobots feel taken for granted for lately. This couldn’t have come at a worse time, though, as a deadly scourge strikes every other Transformer. Only Cybertronium can cure their collective ills, but only the Decepticons have easy access to it. With the Autobots in serious trouble, the Dinobots are practically left to decide whether they will live or die.
36 20 Desertion of the Dinobots (Part 2)
Things get worse for the Autobots, while the Decepticons are back to full strength. With the Dinobots gone, hope certainly seems lost. On Cybertron, Spike and Carly appeal to the Dinobots for their help. Even if the two humans can succeed, though, the Decepticons intend to make sure that the Autobots never even lay eyes on Cybertronium under any circumstances. Saving the day ends up falling to Swoop and the two humans.

NOTE:  Part 2 is where our story really takes place.  Part 1 is backstory for the most part.

This may or may not help, but if you plan to do any character development the production bible for G1 might be of some help.

Cast of Characters






Note: These are the characters that I’ve written and that have significant lines.  The main cast if you will.

Noah’s Notes – these are the original notes outlining the project taken from one of my stenographer’s pads.

Transformers Rock Opera

Carly & Spike’s time on Cybertron

Opening Narrator -> “Carly follow the renegade robots to Cybertron…”  small expo -> prerecorded & compiled from the original narrator’s voice [intro atmospherics]

-1st song -> SHOCKWAVE’S LAMENT *no lyrics*  theme -> as in musical theme for Shockwave [Appleseed’s wammy guitar lick -> feedback]

-2nd  SPACE BRIDGE [title] Carly & Spike travel through space in Carly’s car.  Pop number -> Ben Folds style {they both don’t know that they like each other}

Carly & Spike & Shockwave meet for the 1st time -> “Do you know what we’re in? – Carly  “Trouble” – Spike -> [start chase music] -> 4/4 kick drum mutant form of “On the run” + Acid Mothers Temple  CHASE SCENE

Lights go out*

[Carly & Spike get trapped] in main computer – Spike’s song about his is [PHOTON LIGHT]  and how it could see anything and is the most powerful flashlight in the world -> but can’t see Carly’s thoughts

<tail end of SPIKE’S FLASHLIGHT song -> [Carly] chiimes in on how it’s nice to be trapped w/ Spike -> like Postal Service “Nothing Better” + some lyrics about how they’re stuck <[end song]> @ the bottom of a pit & can’t climb out.

<INTRO OF SPIKE’S DAD> “treated human vocals”

(Sparkplug is only seen on Teletran1’s screen -> like a radio transmission w/ a vocoder) No songs for Sparkplug -> only crazy vocals to counter the narrator from beginning -> deep voice over guy from re-cap of episode – ALL AMBIGUOUSLY SPARKPLUG TELLS: Spike/Carly that he misses them -> possible love connection between Sparkplug and Carly – To take care of each other -> possible death threat to Spike -> Carly is to bump off Spike on Cybertron so that they can be together -> Sparkplug just wishes the best for his son and wants him to get the girl

Sparkplug + Soundwave = transmission voice

<Due to Sparkplug’s garbled transmission we are unable to detect his affect>

[Last thing he tells Spike & Carly is that there’s a ladder @ the bottom of the hole & they can escape from it]



[Shockwave’s 1st song w/ lyrics]

Shockwave is getting bitched out by Megatron -> gets off the phone w/ Megatron &

*sings a song about how it sucks to take orders. -> “Song for the dumped” Ben Folds type of pop range song.  @ the end he sends the sentinels out to get Carly & Spike <maniacal  laughing out-tro) crescendo >

[Adventure music -> fast bongos & low pitched piano cords]

-> adventure music bleeds into Carly & Spike chase music (reprise from chase w/ Shockwave)

<Carly & Spike get into an abandon tool shed & get hold of an Autobot blaster. -> They work together and manage to fire the huge robot gun several times.  Both get hurt, Spike breaks his arm & Carly twists her ankle.>

[Carly & Spike’s “Hey we’re all banged up but we can lean on each other SONG.”  maintains that Carly & Spike are in love  (no drums on this track)

after the hobble along out of the destruction and find SWOOP ->

<SWOOP’S THEME -> like a firebird, raw 7 screeching out of control>

Swoop is like a retarded ferryman -> talks in haiku <EXPOSITION & PHILOSOPHY>  Swoop was hurt in an earlier battle

*Cybertronic mass transit system – Swoop & Carly & Spike travel around Cybertron

*Boobietraps Swoop gets messed up

*Viewing room – history of good & evil & defiance


-Dinobots go wasted in a battle @ an aiprot

-Transformers can transform -> they need Cybertronium

-Carly & Spike conveniently  overheard that Shockwave is sending some Cybertonium to Earth -> the Dinobots don’t need Cybertronium so the can go to Cybertron & get the Cybertronium.  They go to Cybertron and get enslaved.

-Carly’s idea to go to Cybertron

Notes from my wall reads:



MAIN 3 E->B, E->A#, E->A


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