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Thi5 Month in Hi5tory…

Ahhhhh… 5ummer.  The best time to let your imagination be lazy, and by that I mean go anywhere it wants.  We don’t have an archive for 2008, but I can remember the idea for 5unday 5essions coming on like a sweet Rolling DDT buzz.  We do have two 5ession-casts to re-visit


Here’s the blurb from our 8th 5ession-cast

Short and to the point.  Includes my botched wedding toast track, maybe the first thing in years that I’ve done that stands up in my mind to repeated listening ‘Curved Black Glass,’ and a 2o minute improv entitled ‘Best Weekend Ever.’ that went down at casa de Hutch and Melissa after our epic two show summer tour at the Jones Beach Amphitheater.

Also in there were some vintage field recordings from Ohio University from a voice-recorder tape labeled “Kja”.  “Curved Black Glass” turned out to be something that I’m really proud of, so maybe it will get officially released somewhere.  The 20 minute improv…?  Wow, that is a fine example of how anything can sound brilliant when your with all your friends and feeling it.  Probably the best thing to revisit is the Climpsum Smerger track from Kris entitled Black Bucket.  Also at this point I was still  putting official releases on the end of the 5ession-cast.  Well those days is done.


On this episode we changed our intro bumper form “coasting bicycle” to “community pool”.  I really like filed recordings and library music, maybe I’ll get more into that and share some of the ambient sounds here in Lil’ Italy.  Some day.  Also on this episode was my first real attempt to use Abelton Live to mix 3 channels of Techno.  The result a Brrrrn Notice 10/20 mix that I had prepped for a gig at the B-Side here in Cleveland, Oh that never happened.  Oh well, I do remember having to train/bus/walk for 2 hours to go do some sleep studies in North Olmsted around this time.  I got to see a lot of dilapidated urban sprawl on that trip, which is a good memory despite  how hot and miserable I was.  That 10/20 mix kept me company, though it wasn’t the slickest mix.  Here’s a photo from the APSS meeting in San Antonio as well.


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