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Mission Statements

This is you invitation to a monthly event to be hosted by yours truly.  Sunday Sessions will be an opportunity to collaborate with some like minded people on one project per month, with the possibility of the project being produced in an unlimited number of media.  The two things said projects will have in common are as follows:
1. They must be started and completed on the given Sunday on which the Session takes place.
2. They must be shared with someone outside of our group at the completion of the project.
Any interaction between all of us will be considered part of that Sunday’s “project”.  This includes anything, ranging from telephone calls, to playing music together, to incorporating telephone calls into music, to playing music over the telephone to one another, to playing music exclusively with telephones, and everything inbetween.

“I got a tape I wanna play..”

The simple idea behind Sunday Sessions is this: at least once a month you should tell your friends that you appreciate them.  It was my intention to try and cast a net wide enough to involve all my friends, now that they’ve all become so far flung on this planet, in something so that I could not only keep in touch, but try and create a pressure-free something that invites creativity and dialog between everyone involved.  The way I’ve tried to achieve that is by curating a once-a-month open ended media project, the Sunday Sessions…

Everyone who has ever visited this site or has heard of Sunday Sessions is invited to contribute anything to the site.  This literally means anything, music, video, photos, ideas, energy, time, space…  I’ve tried to keep the possibilities of what Sunday Sessions can be as open as possible.  Traditionally most Session-ers have contributed music or photos, but I would consider simply visiting this site a contribution to the greater idea of Sunday Sessions.  The Sessions occur on one Sunday a month, chosen at random by me.  This is my standing invitation to you to make a contribution.  The Sunday Sessions carry two guidelines :

1. Sessions must be started and completed on the given Sunday on which the Session takes place.

2. Sessions must be shared with someone outside of our group at the completion of the project.

Now this website fulfills no. 2 in a very simple way, by making what I’ve compiled by you and everybody else available to the Internets.  On different occasions Session-ers have burned CDs of some of the music I’ve received and handed them out to strangers on the street.  Typed business cards have also been made up with our logo and site URL, then handed out.  But, I think the best way for you to be faithful to the idea put forth in no. 2 is to just tell a friend about this site.

I’m known for stretching the concept of Sunday Sessions to it’s minimalist-ic edges by trying to concisely describe it with various drafts of these Mission Statements.  But if you’re having trouble describing it to a friend who is interested I think these words might help

“Sunday Sessions is an excuse to do something you wouldn’t normally do or never seem to have the time to do.”

Its as simple as that.  Have some fun, record it in some way and send it off to:

5unday 5essions

1979 E.124th Place


Cleveland, 0H 44106


I will do my best to show my appreciation by continuing to curate this website as well as share it with all the other Session-ers.

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