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10/20 Mix – a process


Those of you familiar with the 10/20 mix will hopefully be delighted by this new project, which will mean that the 10/20 mix will sound a lot more polished.  For those of you not, here’s a primer:

The 10/20 mix was a regular feature of the 5essions now defunct/on hiatus 5ession-cast.  The idea was that I would grab 10 random records from my collection and build a 20 minute mix from them.  Records were truly pulled at random and spanned tempos.  This made for an interesting one-off mix, although it was certainly sloppy at points due to the fact that once I pulled the 10 records I did some preliminary programing and then went for one mix.  No re-do.

My idea was that it would keep me sharp as a DJ.  Now, later, I really can’t claim that status as DJs have regular gigs and what-have-you.  Still, I’d like to get back in the game so if this is my Rocky montage of prep-work so that I can eventually get back in front of 10’s of peoples then so be it.

Here’s the evolution of the 10/20 mix.  Since the 5ession-cast is on hiatus/defunct I thought it might be interesting to “workshop” the mix.  That is I still think the 10/20 mix is a good idea, but enough with the randomness right?  20 minutes seems to be a proper length to listen to someone mix.  Mix meaning just 2 turntables and dexterity.  The days of 60 minute DJ mixes seem to be a thing of the past.  Why listen to a mix on your headphones when things like Ableton have made it even easier for people to gig at local bars and clubs and provide you with a fair cross-section of what’s going on in the electronic dance music?  Exactly.  So, for now, I’ve decided that the 10/20 mix will be a look under the hood of what goes on when a “DJ” puts his head down and tries to make a mix.  If you’d be so kind to visit the 5ound Cloud page, you’ll find the mix “The One For Dain”.  Here’s the current track listing:

Emeralds – Goes By
They Live – 7998
Pieter K – Impressions
Jam City – Scene Girl
Drop Out Orchestra – Keep Walking
Snow Ghost – Lost At Sea
Yusef Lateef – The Three Faces Of Bala
Ricardo Villalobos/Los Updates/Anthony Collins – I throw water into a lake
VVV – Slacktide
Barry Manalogue – Koyo Front
Gatekeeper – Oracle
Susumu Yokota – Pony Tail
Efdemin – Acid Bells (Martyn’s Dark mix)
Millie & Andrea – Ever Since You Came Down

I do realize that this list contains more than 10 records.  This represents a first draft.  Similar to what the 10/20 mix has been in the past.  The mixing is novel at best.  But if you’re like me, I’ve always been interested in learning how the hell a person gets to a finished, perfectly polished mix.  I’ve never really been able to keep my attention focused long enough to sit with say 15 records and plot out a perfect mix.  Granted I’ve been one that enjoys randomness and unexpected things when I listen to a DJ or I do in fact DJ.  This keeps me firmly at the opening slot and a “DJ’s” DJ.  Not that I haven’t been completely comfortable being both of those things, its just that I wanted to try my hand at something that would end up a very polished thing.  Completely time stamped and ultimately more throw-away than the crappy 10/20 mixes of the 5ession-cast.

So anyway, here we go with another experiment.  I’m going to re-do the mix for the next couple of weeks.  I’ll put one up on the 5ound Cloud page, then take it down as the next becomes available.  Simple as that, until we get a nice tight 20 minute mix, comprising of just 10 records.


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