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The internet is text based


Welcome one and all.  Here be the new home of Sunday Sessions.  To your right, some pages I will try to populate with archival material.  Sidebar: I decided to go with 5s for Ss in the title due to the fact that there is a monthly in London-town that’s called Sunday Sessions.  I’ve stated in the past that the inspiration for the title of what we do here is from the Tee Bee record on Subtitles called ‘Sunday Sessions.’  Also to maybe get some 5ive-alive rewind action?  Anyway, the WIX site will still be maintained, but since it’s such a bitch to deal with I will leave that site up for those who want to go and poke around.  I don’t know why web site design has gone the way it has, but I though it might be nice to rebel against a text based internet experience and have you play around with your cursor to try and find some icons on a page that would navigate you around the site, instead of just text based linx.  What could be more fun than a game of where’s the link to the next page or something interesting while staring at a beautiful foto?  However, there needs to be some brass tacks around here at Sunday Sessions H.Q.  Thus this site.  Frequent updates and permanent  linx to the Session Casts.  And since we are starting to grow a cache of fotos for submissions.  Those will be archived in the Foto Sessions page, as well as available in the artwork window of the Session Casts.  It’s on like DK, and I don’t mean Kaple.


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